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Us In Need

  • As we are in need, we seek to reach out to others of like mind who knows and understands how to overcome a seemingly impossible challenge. I set out to explore why this happens and what we can do to change its effect. As well as figure out why a sense of community is so important during such times.

    How to help people who cannot relate to you.

    In this world, on Earth, we've all come across people who have been difficult to understand. The type of people who make you feel many things at once, because you are experiencing polarity. Feelings of rejection, ignorance, anger, hatred, or of separation, tend to flare up when enough of these incidents occur. And it is a hard fact to face in 3d life that leaves many people finding the courage to use their inner self to express how they feel to someone who can relate to them. If such baggage, or emotional separation is left for too long, such people become bitter. Holding inside of them, issues which were left unresolved at its source.

    Mutual understanding, especially to an intuitive or an empath is a natural born ability. You either have it, or you don't. When you do, you tend to listen more, and not stop asking questions until you get the whole picture. Or, allow someone to explain the whole picture to you. Usually in words that make sense, as you get inclings on the vision they are seeing to relate to as such.

    Too many times, particularly when materializing solutions, we have all made mistakes in doing so. Simple things. Letting something boil too long. Taking a pie out of the oven when it has been too early. Misjudging people at the right, and the wrong time to do so. Thinking you are not being watched or that someone isn't watching you when they are. And, generally, being propelled by blind faith and trust that you're of sound decision.

    Such things are common place here, and it effects every aspect of our lives regardless of whether we mean it to. Which, in itself, isn't that big of a deal, not necessarily if you know that you can try next time, and pay closer attention to observing the bigger picture when possible. Knowing what the picture is, requires a better look at what you see. and how you see, reflects on what you wish to see. Wishful thinking and beliefs always rely on assumed understandings of events in your life, without recognizing they all have the same source in common be they right, wrong or still in progress.

    Knowing when to step aside, and understand how to relate to people who cannot relate to you, or who do not give you a sign they are relatable, when you have something important to say or do with them being involved, is the biggest challenge we face on Earth. We're not used to the inner world being changed on us. And that is a problem not so much to the awakened person, but to the unawakened and the unknown. It is a sign that you are ascending, as you get past the fear which blinds you to viewing this in yourself and your own actions in the first place once you realize what you are seeing. What this vision means, is that for you, your limits define your capabilities. And your ideals, define how you have made them possible.

    Imagine, for a second, that you are in a swimming pool. and the water splashes around as you move creating waves, and the ripple effect. Imagine that you are someone else observing your movements in the water. Now imagine them deciding what the right time to jump into that pool would be. Imagine yourself, waiting in line to jump into the water where it is most still, and doing so, while taking into account how deep the water is, assuming the pool has multiple levels of feet the water can travel.

    Now, think about this from your perspective. You're so focused moving around in the water, that you don't see the person jumping into the pool. In most scenarios, this isn't even a problem. Yet it is something you will notice more of as you become aware of the fact, that you observe more as you see the effect you have on others through the space in between relationships. The kinds or types of which, you often notice are open ended, as you are still apart of their influence directly. You should only need to question yourself in these relationships, if something effects your ability to contribute to them. In light of this, remember that what you contribute to, is just as important as how you do it. Knowing you are a contributor, won't change this fact, even if it is questioned about you. What I mean by that, is if you are ever facing someone who is in a position to be a guide, healer, teacher or ruler, and they cannot see you are uncomfortable with what they request, you have the right to contribute to what you do want whether they care or not. too many people ignore this, which is why they end up in situations they later regret, after the contributive matters of their being involved in such events becomes much harder to escape as the same person who came by them.

    Such events should not be continuing for much longer in this plain as more people awaken to their soul memories. However while this transition is still in progress, you will always come across people who take you at their own perspective of you in their mind. So when you don't see eye to eye with someone, here's how you can help that person see where you're coming from, at the right moment to avoid a painful future for both of you.

    Be strong, and observe. be the first to note down your observations and be blunt with your expectations first and foremost. do not be ignorant if you know someone takes expectations seriously, even if they say they do not. Know what they look for in a source of stability and reliance, as that is where you come in as a contributor to the project you both are working on. there's your true role, when you aren't getting clear signals from someone that you are being understood. It is the line often unsaid and untold that makes possibility a reality. when you are able to build something as you see it happen, your judgment must rely on how you make yourself available to someone, for them to be able to see you as a helper or someone to be guided towards their vision.

    Note, that it is never too late to change where you are being directed to, if what you are doing isn't working out for you. You can hold off pursuing this change for awhile, but just remember, that you can't indefinitely avoid it. the universe is always giving you subtle signs and clues as to how such change can help you, and it is this reliance that you can count on like clockwork to never falter. It is why we are intuitive and know things before they happen, as the space between possibilities may always regenerate in its own time, but be ever accessible to read.

    If you are misunderstood by someone, and you don't see that you are being clear enough, here's what you can do to avoid pain in your future.

    Never give up on them. It doesn't mean you have to let them walk all over you when you need help. But just remember that you know what you need when you need it. If circumstances often prevents someone from doing what they claim to be able to do, and if you are on a time constraint, let them go. Allow them to help you as a contribution or secondary advantage to someone you can rely on who is there in your moment of need, and who wants to contribute as an equal to any project you are working on. this will help you manifest your vision faster, and it will set the correct working mind set for progress to materialize anything that you desire to create from the heart. If you are unable to achieve this on your own.

    the secret to codependency is knowing someone's limits. If you respect them, and do not provoke them, they will be your friend forever. If you misunderstand them, learn from how they are respected by that person, and if you accidentally come across one, don't let it scare you into not approaching that person again. Learn from your observations of each other if you can, and take time to remember that as you let go of your fear, they are doing the same where you both are concerned. The key to lasting communication with anybody, is relating to what you both already know. Not necessarily the obvious common interests you both are focused on. something at the back of your mind you know they know but aren't focusing on at that current moment usually helps break any tense moments you may discover you are stuck having to deal with if situations come up where you feel constrained by them.

    Ultimately, you are the boss of you. Nobody can change that, even if they try to show you they have no limit where molding you into their vision, or you doing the same to someone else is concerned. If we are looking out for each other, there's no limit to codependency, which is the goal of manifestation to 5d consciousness from a 3d point of transition. This is why such incidents won't be a problem in our future, if we all work to being more clear for what we want, setting aside and making an effort to care enough to resolve any misunderstandings we may see someone else going through in life. As the secret to a thriving inner world, is knowing you have a door to one from the outside and vice versa.