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As Multidimensional Beings

  • As humans living a spiritual experience, it's crucial that we know who we are from within and throughout our existence in life. As we incarnate into and exist sometimes outside of our bodies, we seek fulfillment in more ways than one. To help with your understanding of multidimensional beings, I've put together a blog that explains who we are and what we're strongly likely to display characteristics of. this is so that you can find others of like mind, and get to know some more about yourself in such a unique context.

    It's important to realize, that we're no more or less responsible than one dimensional beings, who are people that exist purely in the physical world without any inner higher self interests. Lets take a look at the most common types of labels we've familiarized ourselves with over the several years our movement towards awareness has gained recognition from.

    A starseed is a soul who has experienced life times on other worlds besides Earth. Starseeds are aware of who they are as a spiritual being through their psychic link to the third eye, the astral eye.

    Many starseeds have connections to walkins, or extraterrestrials because of their reincarnation history. A starseed is a passionate, conscious, spiritual being who may have advanced scientific knowledge, or be interested in many spiritual scientific concepts which most humans may view as being too complex. We are the dreamers of the world and enjoy the inner world with as much clarity as you would build a house on the outer world. Imagine that freedom to build, without the time taken to manifest your dream for it to need to pass. It is commonly believed that a starseed is also termed a lightworker, because many who come here, on to worlds such as Earth, seed new waves of creation and are often great guardians, warriors and inventors of both knowledge and wisdom.Such abilities, passed down through the soul memories of our existence throughout the timeless void through the spiritual realms we inhabit, allows us to incarnate the living flame of a soul unbound into our lives together, even if they don't fully seat themselves subconsciously.

    A lightworker is a celestial being whose soul has spent many lifetimes in noncorporial form. Unlike staarseeds, lightworkers prefer to be formless, or bodiless in order to maintain their soul origin connection to source creator. Lightworkers often channel messages from extraterrestrials based on existing cosmic bodies starseeds possess, in order to align their own missions in sustaining the creation energy or life force essence maintained to assist starseeds and other beings aware of their spiritual identity across lifetimes with a grounding presence to ensure corporial stability.

    Starseeds and lightworkers present the incarnate population of extraterrestrials on planet earth. Earth has never been alone in the universe. and in addition to starseeds and lightworkers, we are being visited by extraterrestrials physically. Or as the common term is dubbed, through a 3d appearance, either by means of a projection, or living flesh from other worlds. Common places of origin for starseeds includes but is not limited to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus and many others.

    Some multidimensional beings, existing in both an astral and physical capacity, consider themselves to be from no place at all. Which is the reason why the limits of space and time, constructs of the laws of a universe bound by atomic continuity, do not always apply. such beings create new life in places where possibility and potential are one and the same. such celestial star beings are honored and welcome here on earth, and are recognized as a specific part of the otherkin community. sometimes called fiction kin, or magical kin.

    It is also worth mentioning, that the other kin definition of someone who identifies as a non human entity in addition to their human existence, is someone who is aware of their spirit through other life times. Yes, spirits can travel across animal forms as well, which is where the terms furry and therian originate. Such beings may not always be extraterrestrial to this planet, but rather chose early in their soul conscious desire to belong to a form that is separate from the humanoid shape most off world visitors have become accustomed to using, especially in recent times.

    As more species of animal and plant life become extinct on this planet, more frequent sightings of spiritual awakening will be seen to normal every day Earth humans here. In fact, it is apparent that as clarity falls to stupidity and misguided education, confusion in the physical vessels abilities to sustain a reliable life span here, may be impeded by environmental factors which are preventable, but for some reason, are not being attended to. which is one of the many reasons why starseeds and lightworkers are here to assist in changing and raising the consciousness of humanity so that the forces of destruction cannot penetrate a thriving planet such as gaia.

    We have done it before on other worlds, even though our veils of amnesia are caused by the density level of this planet being unable to form links to the spiritual core of our akashic records because of the chakras being so dense in so many human genetic lines. this cannot and will not be the case for much longer, as our rebirth on the turn of the previous two centuries can prove that as humans awaken their knowledge, so shall we awaken to rebirth humanity as a cosmic force of promising potential throughout the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

    Our current global mission on Earth, here and now, is to seed worlds with love and light, as it has always ever been. to bring home the promise of a new galactic and universal race and restore Earth to a place of learning, instead of one of suffering and imprisonment.

    So, to this endeva, we encourage human or extraterrestrial incarnate, or even abductee or contactees to attest to such visions. If you are interested, and should your curiosity about us prepare you to be ready to expand what you thought you knew of the world before. this is the paranormal turned real, fiction into reality. We welcome you, should you wish to join us to further our aims of working together, and create an alliance for universal peace throughout the golden age of enlightenment so foretold by cosmic history and the Ashtar Command.

    We as a community, have 3 main goals. the first, is to seed creation with ideas that make sense to humans who are willing to connect with us through an open mind. Not all of our abilities are the same, however there are birth markings and signs of spiritual awakening, which are considered symptoms of ascension to our soul to soul connection with each other. Our spiritual awareness brings insightful empowerment and throughout the similarities we share as physical vessels amidst physical events and interests we have in common.

    The second goal, is to unite our knowledge through independent scientific and spiritual research into a common ground force. One which will redefine our mission, bring clarity to who we are and bring fourth a future that when put into practice, will change the world for not only good, but to thrive on positive and needed change on the basis of advancements and collective progression as well.

    Together as a network, one step at a time, our third goal is to become more independent in our abilities so that we may find more things to unite for, and less to separate us. As living spiritual beings, this is our birth right. It is our cosmic inheritance set fourth by source, and as the lightworkers among us can relate to, so shall it stand. We are connected as one, and should it ever be known that there is a single hope we can count on and trust, it is that noone in this universe however distant their home may be, is truly alone. For may it be said that as beauty is in all things, so should their be diversity and equality as a part of living memory for all that is beautiful, and people who are beautiful. As living works of art, lets embrace the future, our homeland so we may reach for the stars together with humanity as our friends and companions.

    This server is here to provide you with the tools you need to communicate, organize and share experiences towards this aim. Lets have fun, and create something meaningful and passionate as our awakening continues on Earth and in heart.