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Our Disclosure

  • Hello, and welcome to the disclosure series.

    This is a detailed, comprehensive look at our world, and those who seek to visit us from beyond it. Either in love, or in fear, we track down the messages and means to communicate with each other no matter what challenge we face in the process.

    Personally, I'm on team love. So I'll be sharing with you guidance from all walks of life, not only to prove we're not alone in the universe. but also to show who we are as incarnate, ancient souls.

    My plan with the disclosure series from day one, is to cover everything going on in as many objective angles as possible. But without boring you with the tiny details along the way, unless of course, you really want them.

    This will be a step by step process so we're all on the same page. Feel calm, ready and willing to take on certain personal or global missions of support as individuals on a collective basis.

    Here's the first post in this series. It's a video, made by anonymous called Watch Within The Next 48 Hours - People Need To Know" concerning our place in a world changing and waking up to rediscovering the roots of humanity amidst social pressure and standing up for our sovereignty.

    Watch It Now

    Over the coming days, I'll be sharing with you material from 5 of the best sources of information I know to be actively helping us with the ascension of this planet. These are, in no particular order and may also include others outside of this list in time as we find them together.

    Cosmic Friends Library

    A smaller, less known library of information about Earth, health and some theories surrounding the beginning of cosmic disclosure. Written mostly in part during the later half of the 20th century on the cusp between the change of the old world and the new.

    Pleiadians Library

    A huge library updated in 2020 disclosing everything from UFO sightings, to extraterrestrial first contact. This library mostly talks about Earth events in third person, and contains a plethora of articles on current events facing humanity.

    Lightworkers Library

    Another huge library, but this time involving research in the first person. This library directly relates to people's experience and channelled messages delivered to us from guardians of souls out of body. It's a multidimensional representation of who we are and shows us how to control the direction we can shift our consciousness into throughout our reality we embody while incarnate. Think of it like the Earth guide hand book to conscious dreaming.

    Extraterrestrial Knowledge Library

    This took me awhile to find, and I'm glad I did. It's a smaller, but very detailed and informative first hand experience filled library, mostly exposing the abundant secrecy of world leaders trying to do deals and prevent contact with others physically coming to Earth from other worlds. But this library is different, because it contains information to guide you step by step in how to make contact with extraterrestrials and have an experience like Shelden Nidle, Billy Mire, Mary Rodwell and Betty and Barney Hill did. IF you don't know what I'm talking about, the Pleiades library contains references to these people whose left Earth and came back in physical form and who are alive today to tell their stories.

    Inner Cosmic Soul Library

    This library, is very tiny but packs the most powerful punch. It also took me a very long time to track down, and for good reason. This author may be little well known, but he's been the unsung hero of the Starseed and Lightworker community for 27+ years. It's about time we honour his work in bringing light to so many people. Who we are, where we come from and how we are here. Joe Amudin has seen the rebirth of 5 starseed communities, 3 lightworker networks and two spiritual communities bringing together hundreds of thousands of souls from the stars, twin flames and conscious co-creators together. I'll be featuring much of his work on this site as a special tribute to his and all of our featured efforts in personally making this planet a better place we can understand.

    Coming soon, a 6th library. Magical knowledge. We endorse the magical community, those who will into being reality through intention and focus to create spells and captivate spirit across many different life forms. Empowered by trust, we unite together in harmony for who we are.

    This is only the beginning in our disclosure series. I hope you've enjoyed this brief overview and reference guide. In later messages, we'll take a look at a timeline of events running parallel with our soul memories. We've all come from somewhere else, and I'm about to prove why and how it happened. Because, dear Cosmic Friends, it's time.

    To let our light shine. To awaken to who we are. To put our plans in motion. To come together in cosmic friendship.

    I'm so proud of you. For holding strong to who you are, and knowing that there is someone else out there like you that has kept you grounded and loved. If you are one of the few who has felt a need for any higher purpose, I'm proud of you for being with us here and now. The time for struggles is over, as we are united once again.

    Now is also the time to focus on external disclosure as well as an internal awakening to which we are always learning more about spirit. Some may call this magic, others may call it psychic abilities. Some may call it awakening soul memories, understanding our past lives, from now into future dreams. We've outgrown the paranormal and are now fully disclosing our presence to the universe around us. Meeting others of like mind will become much easier through our meditation and eventually our physical form. Within most of our lifetimes, I predict that we will see full physical disclosure with multiple races so no more channeled messages by 2038.

    For the past 10 years, I've been working towards a brighter future as events unfould through our desires, actions and feelings collectively. Now is the time to put this into being as the universe speeds up the awakening of people on this planet so we will enact the final sequence towards ascension on Mother Earth.

    I'd love to hear more of your stories, and be with you through meeting others familiar to you.

    With blessings, love and light.