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Meditative walking

  • Going for a slow meditative walk. Breath in with one step and breath out with the next while focusing on whatever emotions that are disturbing ones inner peace. Focus as much of ones attention on breathing as intensely as possible. When one gets really good at breathing really fast one can breath in and out with every step, but might have to slow down ones walking pace a little in order to do this. Also attention can be given to the massaging ones neck to a degree with the raising of one shoulders a little more naturally happens as one does the normal arm movements that come with walking. The neck tends to absorb tension. The neck is so close to the brain that it can stimulate it with its motion. One can also close one eyes during brief periods when one can safely get away with it.

    I sometimes close my eyes with 6 steps and open for 2 steps when I am walking in an area with few distractions or dangers/obstacles. One can even strain to breath harder while closing ones eyes more tightly or squeezing one lips more tightly closed. Actually closing ones eyes more tightly and pressing ones lips together more strongly while doing a meditative walk will in time relieve tension in the head. Some people do damage to their teeth(gritting them due to tension). Pressing the lips strongly together will not cause any harm.

    Meditative walking can be complicated and it takes a while to make it all happen automatically. One can be creative and figure out the best technique that will work for you. Relieving tension and transforming the emotions that are the source of the tension can be done while doing a meditative walk. Relieving stressful tension in the body does help one to improve the spiritual state one is in. Along with the tension one can also relieve any emotional imbalance one has that is creating the physical tension.

    This is a description of how I am now doing my meditative walk. I have been doing meditative walking for over 2 decades, so I can do it very intensely with very intense rapid breathing. I breath in and out with each  step which is carefully place. I focus on sort of rotating my arms as vigorously as possible which massages the neck and provides more blood to the brain as well as stimulating it neurologically.  I can last 3 miles while feeling very fatigued most of the time.  I burn out at the end. I do have to have careful foot placement on the Earth, since when one is tired and in an altered meditative state one will lose ones balance if one is not doing it carefully enough. I also close my eyes often to relieve tension and prevent occular headaches.