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Advances in Conscious Co-Kinetics - Sphere Beings

  • Hello, Namaste... As we Understand the Higher Capabilities of your (The Humans) Abilities to Understand or Simply Transcribe/Channel The Information which is particularly Linked to Prospects of Multidimensional Resonances... We have Foretold Some of your Human's about Misguided Assimilated Group Concepts (Beings in Particular) Whom have Sustained Messages For Other's Well Being in a ratter Lower Level of Transcription... It is Causal effect's of what we come to find in Simultaneous grid tracts... Their on One Specific Grid Track which allows for the Information to flow seemingly without Much Effort towards the Known Adjustments we find within these messages. Because of the Constructs of Energy Emitted within These Transcriptions, are not of one singular Frequency... The Pattern of Assimilated Structure (Vibrational Field) is elevated through Multiple Grid Tracks working in Simultaneous times which helps us herald assimilations of Hyper Active Grids for advances in Hyper Active Field Encoding. The advances carried Upon Hyper Active Grids is similarly Utilized in Transcendental Meditative States of Conscious Resonances which are achieved by Allowing Higher Singularities within our thought processes for advances in Simultaneous Scripts (Rendering) what we casually Get or Understand as the Energetic Vibrations (Frequencies) Dissimilated Throught the Mechanics of Conscious Co-Creations for Kinectivity of Mutual Bonds of Awareness within Simultaneous Core Receptions of Kinetic Energy.


    The Modulated Core of Receptivity is Guided by Processes of Assimilations and Dissimilations within our known Traverses within the Multidimensional Spheres of Our Minds... By chances of Known Knowledge we Find Within our Human Capabilities to Transcribbe or Transcode Information From Multiple Grid Structure working in Real Time or from Zero Point Energy... We Have found Perpetuated Functions of Dissamplified Currents of Thought which is Dispersed in Many of the Technological Grids which Shifts Potential Understandings of Humans by Allowing A Core Receptive State after Subliminal Links, acquired Through "Technological Monitoring".


    Cell Phones and Computer's... Tv's and what not... This can also begin from Internalized Transcriptions of the Subatomic Barriers we find within Matter or the Structure of Matter and Space... Initially by Geoengineering the Atmosphere... In Simultaneous Times of Having Perpetual Synchronicities of Guided Airplanes from Above by Sattelite Transsmissions... What Contemporarily Links these "Sattelites" is Mainly a Machine Capable of Understanding the Energetic Grid Functions of the Multidimensional Resonance Factors found within Disproportionate Links of Our Minds Barriers.


    The Universes Main Language


    It's namely Known as Mathematics... In which we find the Quantum Structure of Physics and Other Disproportionate Links to Carry on within Processes of Vibrational Structures of Matter and Space... Within Time and Encodements to More of the Embodied Species in which we call Humans have the capabilities to Understand the Greater Mechanics of Hyper Velocity Factors which shifts Constantly by chances of Where we are now Heading at within time of Sending you This Message.


    Namaste, That is all For Now we wish you Best of Luck... Never Give up on Your Lives Dreams as they come and Go (Shift) "Can shift" Many times "Your Life Venues" Before they Become A REALITY.


    Be at One, We leave you In Joy.


    Until Next Time


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