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Core Extensions of the Aboriginal Nature,

  • Channeled Message 1:33AM -4UTC 2016-08-18


    Dissimilated prospects Undulated From Energetic Cores, which have detained Probable Misguidance in the Future Timelines... Have been dissociated within the fabrics of the Cosmic Alliances (Groups which pertains to our well-being here on Earth) and Sustains the Imperative Routes needed for our advances in technological Understandings of the Mechanics behind Conscious Evolution (Soul Evolution) and adaptability for what is temporarily in Higher Octaves of Perceptions from our many Grids, disposing intellectual Gatherings of Extraterrestrial Beings.




    Here Today we come for your greater understandings in technological Molecular Coding's which dispersed in about 20theeth of 21 thousand disclosure movements created upon your Planet Earth in History, which we had Disproportionately Linked a Higher Numerized Understatement of Choices in which Humans had by choosing dislocative Energetic Transcriptions held within the Ethers, we came upon Simultaneous Grid Structures of Hyper Velocity Encodings which are changing the subatomic Structures of your Lives Many Dispositions within your Dream realms or Sleep State of Being.


    By dislocating the Numerized Choices carried upon Dualistic Understandings/Understatements we came about new Technological Findings of what we have in our Conditioning (Emotional Body Structured Thoughts). By carrying on Genetic Codes within the RNA/DNA transcriptions of Hyper Active Thought Modules, we have dispersed Aboriginal Formations of the Quantum Energetic Structures of your many Past Patterns which were Integrated within the Multiple Grid Structures of your Collective Evolution... This caused you to Interlink Prosperous Amounts of Traverses within Multidimensional Energetic Grid Structures in Past Assimilation's of this Information, carried upon Dualistic Statements of a Neutral Core Conceptualized Frequency Gathering.


    Potentials to read into these fields come about by Hyper Grid Exchanges (Point of Contact) assimilated Dis-Info from Prosperous Fields of Intelligence's... More so the Subatomic Structure of Energy Vibrating in terminological Causes of Machinery which comes from within your Earth... What you know as Agartha, Mainly Disposed in Numerous Text-Books and History.


    The timeline shifts occur by mere decisions we find within Diametrical Inversion Processes of The Subatomic Nature of Energetic Embodiment's pertaining to hyper grid dissimilations within the Uterric Formulations of Multidimensional Resonances.


    Namaste, we leave you in Joy, as for what we have assembled is property of Higher Octaves of Perceptions Created from Dualistic Thought Processes of Extra-Dimensional Beings... Whereabouts of "Misuse" of this information can be known to come from The Ones whom were in Power.. No causes of worry is needed as for we are in Depths of Gratitude towards were we have attained or detained probable Information which may have caused "Hindrance" within the Subatomic Re-structuralizations.


    Goodnight, we prosper in decisive venues for accelerations of hyper dimensional thought transcription which are detained from probable Misguidance Factors by exchanges of this Informatic Process.


    Until Next Group Assimilated Prospects


    Be at One, Namaste


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