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Dwarka: Atlantis of the East COULD THIS FORBIDDEN ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY BENEATH THE ARABIAN SEA FORCE MANKIND TO REWRITE HISTORY? Welcome to the home of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East. In just 54 hours, over 28,000 viewers across 7 continents uncovered answers to this ancient mystery. DWARKA: ATLANTIS OF THE EAST THE SUBMERGED TRUTHS UNCOVERED ON A 2012 EXPEDITION TO MODERN-DAY DWARKA These truths, as you are about to discover, may force humankind to reconsider everything we know about historic civilizations, ancient technology, and what lies in store for our uncertain future. IN DWARKA: ATLANTIS OF THE EAST, YOU'LL DISCOVER... A look at the strange ancient artifacts that regularly wash up on the shores of modern-day Dwarka... and what they could mean. Astronomical expert Dr. Narahari achar's irrefutable evidence that Dwarka could be one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Did Dwarka possess futuristic flying machines and nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world? This compelling evidence is impossible to ignore. Why the indian government abruptly forced the original dwarka excavation team to halt all exploration of its ruins on the arabian sea bed. and much more. GET UPDATES & FUTURE SCREENING INVITES Enter your email for an invite to get more information at
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